Used during World War II and Korea to land and retrieve personnel or equipment during amphibious operations. These “Higgens boats” were considered invaluable to the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944. Its capacity was for 39 troops and a crew of 3. Engine: 6-cylinder diesel 225 horsepower Gray Marine (GMC). STATS – Speed: 9 Knots, Weight: 18,500 pounds, Fuel: 180 gallons, Range 110 Nautical Miles 84A:Senator Dick Mountjoy donated this vehicle in 2005. Restoration, bodywork and painting was done by WIA program youths. Named the “Dispatcher” this two-wheel-drive jeep was used for base operations only. Manufactured in 1961 by Willys Motors Inc. Used for towing semi-trailers. This model was used from 1971 and at the present time is still in service. Engine Model: Cummins NHC 250 Diesel, Weight: 19,260 pounds, Maximum Speed: 59 miles per hour. Attached is a M131AC 5,000-gallon tanker trailer. These pictures are from a military vehicle museum the American Society of Military History based in South El Monte, CA. These pictures are Copyright 2009.